Thoughts,observations,experiments, and ramblings  in Amateur Radio by N1DAY and KC4SIT.


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N1DAY - David Day

I found the perfect place to insert the Parity Act into the Constitution, but it turned out that I was discussing it with the decision-makers a little late. Hi Hi
Retired Pharmacist
HAM Radio Operator and Experimenter
World Traveler
Vegitation enginner (lawn mower)
Chief Science Officer of an antenna restricted HOA
Class A Harrassment Specialist for Moles, Squirrels, and Trout
Hi - I am N1DAY, David Day, and I live in the Western Part of North Carolina in a little town called Flat Rock.  I moved here from Connecticut upon retirement.

My formal training was in Pharmacy and I spent 12 years as a director of pharmacy in several large hospitals.  My major take-away from that experience and advise to anyone wishing to hear it is to stay out of hospitals - they are dangerous places.  If you must go into a hospital, please find an independent advocate to help with any adverse things the hospital staff and doctors may do to you.  A lot of my time was spent as a risk manager (cover-up officer), and I've pretty much seen and experienced the underbelly of acute healthcare.

After pharmacy, I became an Outcomes Research Director for two very large international pharmaceutical companies where I spent 25 years of my employment.  What I did there was find ways to justify the high cost of pharmaceuticals... not too proud of that, but I think along the way my team did manage to do some good for the world as we were part of the process in bringing several truly innovative products to the marketplace.

A lot of people wanted me to go into consulting for the pharmaceutical industry upon retiring, but when it is time to get out, it is time to get out.  I was ready for something different anyhow, so I returned to my childhood pashion for radio and became a HAM. 

From a science perspective, it was not a hard transfer to HAM radio and has turned out to be quite fun.  As you will see from my blog, I think HAM radio is a lot like the pharmaceutical industry in that a lot of people take a 'that's the way it has always been done' attitude and just stagnate as a result.

If you get anything out of my blog articles, my advice to beginner and old HAMs alike is to question everything.  There are a lot of 'innovations' in HAM radio that are designed just to make us part with our money with little benefit to our enjoyment of the hobby.  That is my take away at this point in my journey.  I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back often.